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More and more manufacturers are moving to hybrid, electric, and alternative fuel cars. With all this focus being put on the future of four-wheel transport, it's increasingly likely that you'll find your dream car just so happens to be the most efficient, forward thinking vehicle around. Exhibit A: Italdesign's upcoming Namir hybrid.

How bright
are your lights?

Illuminate your life without paying the price.

Compact fluorescents are so much more efficient than regular light bulbs, it’s ridiculous—and they come in a range of color temperatures, so they look better, too.

Already made the CFL switch?
Step up your game with LED bulbs like the upcoming Philips Master.

costs money.

Why not help yourself out? Measure the draw of your appliances with devices like P3’s $20 Kill-A-Watt, and replace your power vampires with more efficient alternatives.

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